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CDTSAFE fireproof safe ensures your safety, peace of mind, and a better life!

Kebao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large domestic entity enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of fire safety cabinets. The company's main products include fire safety devices, safety and fire protection metal products, electrical machinery special equipment, metal processing machinery, refrigeration, air conditioning equipment, metal surface treatment and heat treatment processing, mechanical equipment and component processing, etc.

The company was founded in 2005 and currently has a production plant of 12000 square meters with 62 employees and 5 research and development personnel. Various models of fireproof safes meet the UL certification standards in the United States, with exclusive patented technology and unique functions, which have been trusted and continuously cooperated with many customers

The fire resistance performance of CDTSAFE fire safety cabinet products is at the international leading level. For example, CDT325 fire safety cabinet has been tested by the National Fixed Fire Extinguishing System and Refractory Component Quality Supervision and Testing Center (see testing report). After burning at a high temperature of 1030 ℃ for 1 hour, the highest temperature inside the box is 106.1 ℃, far lower than the paper burning point of 177 ℃, meeting the fire protection level standard. The fire resistance rating of the product ranges from 0.5 hours to 1 hour, with complete specifications, replacing similar imported products.

Our main customers include countries such as the United States, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asian markets, and Germany; Welcome more domestic and foreign friends to cooperate, achieve win-win results, and develop the future together.

We sincerely await your visit and will bring you unexpected rewards!

Corporate culture

People-oriented, professional and scientific. Based on team work, Makng products more fashionable and comfortable.


Certificate of honor

All the products meet the standard of UL standard, based on patent technology and unique features, we get trust from numerous customers and built long-term business relationship with them.

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